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For Immediate Release:

March 10, 2016

                                                      Ramirez to Withdraw US Senate Bid - Endorsing Del Beccaro As Only Choice

Californians have a serious choice to make and it can’t allow the mistake that is Prop 14 silence grassroots conservative voters in November. While I feel strongly my campaign made an impact in making the race focus on the most critical issues of our time it is increasingly difficult for a conservative to pull into 2nd place when the establishment keeps putting its thumb on the scale for an insider candidate.  Therefore I have decided to withdraw my bid to be the next United States Senator from California to help Tom Del Beccaro secure a place on the ballot in November.  I am also calling on all other GOP candidates to drop out as Tom Del Beccaro has clearly proven he is the only remaining candidate who can fill the tall order of unwritten qualifications to hold public office.  I am thankful and honored to have been on ballot for the US Senate twice before but this time I am asking my supporters and all Republicans to coalesce around my friend Tom Del Beccaro for US Senate so we have a fighting chance against Kamala Harris in November.