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One of the reasons why I am considering running again is California is so big and it takes time to become known as a consistent conservative. But I built a record of wide ranging grassroots endorsements during my last bid because people got to know my positions on economic growth, effective natural resource management and maintaining our national defense. Those who know me know I will fight the good fight.


But the main reason why I am considering running again is because we need leadership to restore law and order to the lawless immigration crisis burdening our taxpayers. We can’t afford to have another career politician making blank check promises. The tragedies we’ve seen speak for themselves. Ending welfare abuse and sanctuary city policies that jeopardize the public safety of innocent American families is long overdue

Personally I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas. I started my career at AT&T and went on to hold sales management roles at some very successful startups during the internet boom as well as holding a senior leadership role at Samsung working with their R&D teams in South Korea. I currently serve as a senior ranking executive for a privately held Los Angeles based cloud services company leading our government markets and strategic defense systems efforts. Hence while I have run before I am not a career politician.

If you believe as I do that California was, is and should be a special place but is just on the wrong path because it needs new leadership I want to know what you think we need more of to be successful in attaining your version of the American Dream. And tell me what you don’t trust the government to do right. Sign up and make a pledge. If our message is strong and we have proof of strength in numbers I look forward  to making the decision to pull papers when filing for office begins after January 4, 2016.



Hi I’m Al Ramirez a Republican businessman living in Santa Monica and I am forming a new exploratory committee to consider a 3rd bid for the U.S. Senate for the seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer.

As some of you know I previously ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010 during the last party primaries in California challenging eventual nominee and current presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. I then ran again in 2012 in the first ever jungle primaries held in California but even after early polls showed me near the top we had a disappointing finish when the Party endorsement of another little known candidate heavily influenced the race in an election with 24 names on the ballot.

But in spite of those results I firmly believe you never lose when you serve your country and seeking this office is always worth the challenge to insure that the values that make America great are restored and preserved for the next generation